The five European countries taking part in the study

United Kingdom

Leicester has a strong tradition in excellence in diabetes care dating back 60 years to the pioneering work of Doctor Joan Walker, who established the first community diabetes clinics and the first diabetes research nurses in the UK. In 2003 Professor Melanie Davies started in clinical research.

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Kronikgune is an international excellence research centre specialized on chronicity. It entrusts institutional representation on international projects and actions aimed at developing products and services and their deployment for the whole Basque population (2,3M inhabitants).

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The IFB AdiposityDiseases is a joint centre of the Medical Faculty of the University Leipzig, the University Hospital Leipzig and the University of Dresden. It is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The IFB cooperates with many hospitals and institutes of the University Hospital and the University.

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P&A Kyriakou Diabetes Center is a large diabetes center with 2000 visits per year from children and adolescents with diabetes and obesity.  It has been certified as “European Center of Reference for Pediatric Diabetes” since 2011.

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APDP-Diabetes Portugal is a non-profit organization and dean of IDF’s Member Associations. It is currently an international reference as a diabetes healthcare centre. It is the first IDF Centre of Education (in 2009) and is a Certified Centre of Reference of Pediatric Diabetes (SWEET)

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